Mr. Genesis Renji keeps the ball rolling with numero diez y seis in the 30 X 30 #GeminiSeason.  Next Friday is my birthday, the big 33 to be exact, and you can certainly bet hearing some of these joints from the series in my birthday celebration. #YaDig  Up to this point, Gen Ren has come correct on the records released for this campaign, it is hard to stay this consistent, but he has managed to pull it off, thus far.  Genesis says this track featuring Niko, entitled “Died Once,” is his favorite of the bunch.  Golden Child strikes gold once again on the production, for what I would call one of the best songs of the series so far, can he top it?  He has 14 more shots at doing so.  Peep the record via the various online music platforms below, 14 to go, I personally don’t want this to end. #YaDig


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