I am an avid sports fan, and I watch various sports, and it always made me wonder, why don’t managers in Major League Baseball where suits or coaching type apparel like all the other sports leagues do?  Well thanks to the good people at Today I Found Out, that question has been FINALLY answered.  This goes way back, like a home run, yes corny pun intended.  In the early days of baseball, the captains of the team acted as the manager, hence them wearing the uniform.  That makes sense.

There were a few trailblazers early on, who did not subscribe to that vibe, but it never stuck.  I think, it also works in forms of unity, we all wear the same gear, we are all in this together.  Either way, that is interesting.  The fact baseball is laden with tradition, I’m not shocked either way that this is the case.  Catch Today I Found Out’s official explaining this occurrence below, and watch some baseball this summer, it is this season!


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