Howdy amigos, what’s the good word?  I have decide it is time to expand the YouTube content for #TheFochshole, so I will be having more than videos a week, here on out, the goal is to get 5 new ones up a week, on various things.  I will still be doing 2 #SnackAttacks weekly, so I will be cultivating 3 other concepts, perhaps using things I’ve done previously, to add to that mix.  Wish me luck, anyone who is on the YouTube grind, knows it’s hard work, but I love doing it, and I feel you guys will enjoy it more and more as time goes on and I get in a good groove.

With out further ado, though, I present to you one of the new segments I will be featuring on the site and channel, and that’s #FochsBTawkin.  It’s more or less a little piece of my thoughts on any given subject, somewhat like a #Fochservation, but more chill.  I like good conversation, and expressing my opinions and feelings on things, so this is right up my alley, I hope you enjoy.  The first #FochsBTawkin is about the 2018 World Cup, which officially kicks off today, check out the video, leave a comment if you so choose!


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