Howdy folks?  How goes it in your world?  It is indeed #SnackAttack time, and it is time for a little snack that has one of everyone’s favorite animals involved; the panda!  The Meiji Hello Panda biscuit treat is something I’ve had in my possession for a while, I actually acquired them from a store a block from my house.  As I was cleaning the #SnackAttack coffers and playing the new episodes, I figured I shouldn’t sit on these any longer.  Below, with the review, you can catch a picture of the nutrition facts, as well as the information on how to get a hold of the company that makes these, for your own obtainment. #YaDig

If you have had these before, what do you think of them?  Leave a comment on the video or on here.






Meiji America Inc.

York, PA 17402-0672

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