Up and coming artist, Vega Jay, keeps the ball rolling, in the form of dropping not one, but two songs, which will be featured on his album Spoken Thoughts.  The album, will be dropped on Jay’s birthday, which is October 2nd.  He tells me, it will be a well-balanced project, that will feature a mixture of vibes and thoughts that will captivate the listener and give people a cohesive body of work, to jam to.

The first song “Freedom” enlists a powerful hook from Synesthetic as well as production by him.  Vega Jay explains plain and simple, he just wants to be free.  Free of all the shenanigans life can throw at us, a utopia of good vibes and positivity, if you will.  A very positive, and energy record, “Freedom” contrasts the 2nd release, “Ghost,” quite well.  In the track, “Ghost.”  The track, “Ghost” yet again shows Vega Jay’s artistry over another Synesthetic-produced track.  I can’t pick a favorite between the two, but if you had a gun to my head, I’d probably go with “Ghost.”

Either way, 2 solid efforts from Vega Jay, which you can stream/purchase below.  Make sure to be on the look out for more from Vega Jay, the young MC is definitely on the cook up, watch out. #YaDig


Listen To “Freedom” Ft. Synesthetic On Apple Music

Purchase “Freedom” Ft. Synesthetic On iTunes


Listen To “Ghost” On Spotify

Listen To “Ghost” On Apple Music

Purchase “Ghost” On iTunes

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