When an artist is creating, there are many variables that can halter and stall one’s ability to create.  In the case of Gully The Buddha aka Chico $way, he is not allowing those things to put a cloud over his passion and artistic abilities.  With providing sonic landscapes for artists to perfect their own craft over, Chico has been painstakingly and passionately concocting music both in the production form, and as an MC.  His first full offering, the #500Lbs beat tape, Gully is giving him a piece of himself, throughout these 13 compositions, that show is talent, depth and versatility as a producer.

With him stating that more projects are on the way, we can expect to see more musical content before the year’s end is through.  As he collaborates with artists on the production side, as well as crafts his official debut rap project; Gully The Buddha aka Chico $way is taking the pressure that is bestowed upon him, and turning it into musical diamonds.  Check out the #500Lbs beat tape below, and make sure to follow him on SoundCloud to stay locked in on all the happenings around his way.


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