The remix is always a tough thing to wrangle, in my opinion.  Whether it be just acquiring the perfect feature for the remix, or constructing the production in a different way around the original vocals, things can get a bit hairy.  This certainly, is not the case.  Michael Volpe, a name you may remember from a previous Fortune remix, is at it again, adding a custom bounce to his own rendition of “Cost A Fortune,” which appears on Fortune’s latest project #LondonPxrisTokyo.  Michael’s take breathes life into what originally was already a respectable track already, one of the stand outs in my opinion, from the project.  Check out the remix below, what are your thoughts?  Leave a comment in the comment section.  Also, if you would like to catch more of Michael’s musical creations,  the link for his SoundCloud can be found below!




Check Out Michael Volpe’s SoundCloud

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