Howdy folks, what’s the good word?  This week starts the double dosage of #SnackAttack content, going forward, at least for a few months, I will be doing two #SnackAttack reviews every week, instead of 4.  Along with #SnackAttack I am working on some other concepts for video content on #TheFochshole’s official YouTube channel, be on the look out for that, as well.  In this edition of #SnackAttack, I got to sample some Taiwan Desert Ma Hwa Cookies, it was a joyous occasion.  If you are interested in the nutrition facts for this snack, that information can be found below, as well as contact information on where you can get these for yourself.  #GetYourMunchOn




Hurng Fur Foods Factory Co. LTD.

No. 65, LN. 369 Jinmen St., Banqiao Dist.,

New Taipei City 220, Taiwan.

Tel: (02)2684-2099

Fax: (02)2684-1755

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