Bossco takes it to another level.  When you thought it couldn’t get it any better, it does.  This time around, he does a sneaker review, on the beach, I’m not certain, but I don’t think too many people are doing full sneaker reviews at the Beach. #YaDig  The sneaker Bossco reviewed at the beach, is the James Harden Adidas Volume 2, MVP edition.  There are 2 other shoes in the pack that came out with this pair, according to Bossco.  I personally think, that these would be great shoes to hoop in.  The color way is legit, with the Adidas BOOST technology in the shoe, it would make for comfy and smooth running.

They also look like they have great upper ankle support, which is key for someone like me, who has shaky ankles.  What do you think of these kicks?  Drop a comment, and make sure to subscribe to Bossco’s channel. #YaDig


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