CT is continuing to cook, and with his most recent dish, he has provided some groovy visuals to a couple of his records.  Recently releasing “I Never Asked For This,” coupled with a record he dropped awhile ago, entitled “Whatever I say,” CT serves up a grimy and poignant visual for the former named tracks.  Putting together visuals that are conducive to the music is a clutch fundamental.  I see it all the time, in which artists try to do too much with a video and it actually ends up ruining the steam a song has upon creation.  Keep cooking CT, keep cooking, below, as well, you can catch some linkage for the tracks from the video.



Check Out “I Never Asked For This” On Apple Music

Check Out “I Never Asked For This” On Tidal

Check Out “I Never Asked For This” On SoundCloud

Check Out “Whatever I Say” On SoundCloud

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