The wait is finally over.  Wausau, Wisconsin natives, CB James and Lil Cro, have finally released their debut project, entitled “Yesterday’s History.”  It is a heart warming feeling for me, personally, to see these young men’s dreams come to fruition.  As I’m sure, many are aware that Wausau, Wisconsin is not a hot bed for Hip Hop, but there indeed some individuals who are putting their nose to the grind stone and recording and releasing music.

CB James & Lil Cro are certainly at the forefront of those who represent Wausau in terms of the genre, and I’m very proud they have put in the work to accomplish their goals, and this project.  “Yesterday’s History” features 11 cuts, with a blend of street and consciousness.  Multiple pieces of their lives have bled into this record, which is what you would hope for when receiving a full body of work from artists.  The album’s production is cohesive, and sequenced in a manner that keeps the pace going from front to back.  Check out “Yesterday’s History” below via SoundCloud, and make sure to follow CB James and Lil Cro via their Instagram and SoundCloud pages, to stay up to date with their lives and musical offerings. #YaDig #In715WeTrust



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