The late, and legendary Pimp C, told all of us a long time ago, that a king is just not a singular being in the scheme of what it truly means to being an emperor of a thrown.  From ruling lands to just ruling one’s life, a king takes on a meaning many cannot understand, nonetheless muster.  That being said, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin native, by the name of Khing Ceaze is on his own conquest for his ideal goal, of music supremacy.  Originally named, TatAddikt Ceaze, Khing has evolved into a better, positive being, and is ready to take on the rap game, full steam.

With a 2 year, unplanned vacation, Ceaze has returned, to capitalize on his trials and tribulations, and mold and certify his thrown, not only life, but in music.  Within a 48 hour span, his new single “Like Me,” has been flowered with positive reviews.  His upcoming mixtape “The Other Side Of Sanity 2,” dropping September 25th, will help solidify his case as not only a King remembered in time, but one who is known in the present.

Below, you can check out his new single, “Like Me.”  With “The Other Side Of Sanity 2” right around the corner, there will be a hearty dose of Khing Ceaze music to consume.  As well as listening to “Like Me,” below you can discover more music from Ceaze via his official SoundCloud.  Also, do not forget to follow him via Instagram, to stay current with all his musical endeavors and happenings.  A king owns his castle, and Khing Ceaze is working hard to own that, and much more.



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