The written song, has the capabilities to project great heights of meaning, feeling, and understanding.  When you can put the art of song writing together, cohesively with a dynamic voice, you have the makings of what can be a timeless musician.  In the case of Milwaukee, WI native, Jayne Joyce, that is precisely what you have on your hands.  Jayne Joyce can not only sing with great harmonics, soul, and melody, but she has the penmanship that most artists have to pay someone else to contribute to their art.

From her soulful covers of some of the most popular songs of our time, to crafting her own, unique compositions, Jayne has the ability to touch one’s heart, with her voice and the feeling projected from it.  I’ve said that music is the voice of the heart previously, Jayne’s voice has a way of complimenting our hearts vocals, in more ways than one.  Recently, joining Genesis Renji’s House Of Renji, Jayne is positioned to continue to grow her music and art to the levels one would assume she can reach, given the natural talent she has.

From releasing her debut EP “Jayne,” to blazing stages at events in Milwaukee and beyond, Jayne has had a very strong 2018, thus far.  If this year is indicative of the future, she will be a household name in the R&B game, sooner than later.  Jayne is keeping her self very busy, on the music side.  While working on collaborations with the likes of Strehlow, Dev Diamond, and others, plus performing (performance dates below), Jayne perfecting her abilities even more so, which we will all benefit from, in the end.

Below, you can catch her debut EP, entitled “Jayne” Via SoundCloud and Spotify, as well as her pertinent social media pages, so you can keep up to date with the happenings in her career.  Also, she will be performing a Beyonce Tribute Show at Mad Planet in Milwaukee, WI September 22nd, as well as The Fifth Ward Fest on the same date, so if you are in the area, check her out live.  Old soul in a new era, is one way to classify Jayne, but in all honestly, it’s just nice to have a songstress in the house.




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