I don’t know what got into Nike this year, but I’m glad whatever it was got in them.  They have been crushing it with the Kyrie 4 line of shoes this year, and with the release of the pack, they are keeping the basketball ball shoe ball rolling, say that tens times fast. #YaDig  Our resident sneaker guru, Bossco Mitchell, got his paws on one of the pairs out of the new pack, in the form of the Kyrie 4 70’s, a tribute, color way wise with 1970’s them colors.  I would purchase these shoes just off the strength of “That 70’s Show,” one of my favorite sitcoms, ever.

What do you think of this Kyrie 4 color way?  Too much going on, or are they hitting in your opinion?  Drop a comment in Bossco’s video review, and make sure to subscribe to his channel. #YaDig


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