The final product, of one’s artistic creations, are a result of copious hours of creating, refining and diligently perfecting what we see at the end of the process.  Milwaukee, Wisconsin artist, Peez, is a great example, of what can be achieved, if the proper steps are taken.  Peez, one who takes his craft very seriously, with countless hours in the studio, learning, recording and formulating his artistic offerings, is set to release a new project, entitled “About Damn Time,” in the coming months.

The lead single off this endeavor, “Till I,” begins with audio from Peez explaining is status at that time, with the message, “I’m back to myself.”  He has been painstakingly working in the studio, getting back to the essence of things, and has no plans of slowing down, any time soon.  This statement, is not only evident in the track, “Till I,” but also, his “About Damn Time Vlog,” which you can watch, below.


As well, as the “About Damn Time Vlog,” below you can catch the lead single from “About Damn Time,” which as mentioned before, is entitled “Till I.” “Till I” is now available upon all major music streaming services.  With the energy found in this record, it will be interesting to see what Peez has next for us, with the work he is putting in, I can make a safe bet, and presume it will be worth watching for. Along with the single  Finally, do not forgot to check out Peez’s official artist Facebook page, and instagram, also found below.





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