Hello, everyone. Welcome to the inaugural Bowl Cut Awareness Month. What is Bowl Cut Awareness Month you ask? Anyone who has any idea of sensibility or sanity, knows the bowl hair cut is a vile, diabolical hair design. With Bowl Cut Awareness Month, I aim to inform, and educate, the general public on this hair styles lameness and so forth. Every day this month, I will drop a video with one important tidbit of information on the bowl cut.

#BowlCutAwarenessMonth is a lead in, too my new series on #TheFochshole, entitled #TheMoreYouNo, in which I whole-heartedly present the realest news available through my various networks of information, to combat the #FakeNews era, we now live in. Be on the look out for that in November, and keep it locked everyday on #TheFochshole for the month of October, for cold, but extra true facts, on the bowl cut.


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