What is the deal, my dogs and doggettes?  It is time, to launch a new, exciting series for #TheFochshole, entitled #MunchiesNMuzik.  It is the best of both worlds, in my opinion, snacks and music, in combination.  For the first installment, I covered veteran, New York City MC, Fabolous.  It just so happens, he has his own iteration of the Rap Snacks, that are quite popular, with his New York Deli Cheddar Wavy Potato Chips.

I spoke upon Fabolous, while sampling his Rap Snacks, it was a sweet excursion.  Check it out!  Make sure to comment on the video, let’s get a dialogue going, ya digski.  As always with the snacks I sample, if you are interested in finding this snack for yourself, or it’s nutrition facts, that information can be found, below the video. #GetYourMunchOn





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