Going forward, with #TheFochshole in 2019, Monday’s will be exclusively for music-related content.  To get a head start with that notion, I bring forth to you a new offering, from Wausau, WI artist, Lil Cro.  In the form of a new project, entitled “Rachet World Mixtape,”  Cro’s growth as an artist is quite noticeable.  In terms of polish, he has increased his artistry, dare I say, exponentially.  It’s great to see growth in an artist.  Lil Cro, certainly has exhibited that in his latest musical effort.

With New Year’s Eve today, the tone of this project is perfect to ring in the New Year with.  Give Lil Cro’s “Rachet World Mixtape” a go, and make sure to follow him on SoundCloud to keep it locked for updates with his on going music grind, as well as his official YouTube page. #YaDig




Also, you can catch the new single that Lil Cro and C.B. James have recently released, entitled “Beautiful Tragedy.”  In this song, Cro and James are seen flowing over some more souful production, further proving they are growing artistically.  Give it a listen. #YaDig


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