At the end of 2018, Genesis Renji released his project S.I.N.S. (Stories I Never Shared) one of his most complete projects, to date.  Mr. Renji included a cut on the record, entitled “Green Light,”  which in my opinion, is his greatest song released, to date.  Not only was this song included on the project, but he deemed it necessary, to shoot a video for the record.

Featuring the very talented, Lucien Parker, Genesis is seen talking about the hardships of relationships and such.  With a smooth, melodic composition on the production tip, this record is the complete package, in my opinion.  Below, you can catch the official video for “Green Light,” as well as a link to his project, S.I.N.S. (Stories I Never Shared)  With the momentum built from this project, Mr. Renji is suited for a large 2019, keep your eyes peeled. #YaDig



Listen To Genesis Renji-S.I.N.S. (Stories I Never Shared)



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