Chemistry, among artists, is a very important attribute upon working with one another.  By the sounds of their new collaborative project, Milwaukee, WI artists Jay Yung and Marques Carson, have appeared to forge a bond on the music tip that displays said trait, gratefully.  The two paired together, for their recent body of work, entitled “4th Quarter.”  Displaying one of the most iconic pictures in recent NBA memory, via the Dwayne Wade to Lebron James alley-oop, the pair visually set the tone for what the project would be about; slam dunking and flexing on all audio opponents.

In the short, but succinct, 4 song offering, the two display great energy, wordplay, and most importantly, chemistry.  Often times, when artists collaborate, it just doesn’t connect, due to a presumably large amount of variables.  These two, however, made it work, and not only that, made it enjoyable to listen to. Setting the tone for future collabs, “4th Quarter,” is a body of work that should provide positive energy for both artists, going forward.  Check out “4th Quarter,” below.  Make sure to also follow them both on their SoundCloud pages, as well as their Instragram pages. #YaDig


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