With only 2 months into 2019, Marques Carson is keeping the momentum pushing, in a righteous direction.  Coming off a successful collaborative effort with fellow Milwaukee, WI MC, Jay Yung, Marques Carson wastes no time, with the release of his new project, “Not By Sight.”  With his music making prowess on full-display, Marques channels his inner faith to deliver like a mail man on even the rainiest of days.

Production duties were dutifully accommodated by Renz Young, Chaz X, AO, Kofi Cooks, James Ashen and Thomas Crager.  Together, they laid a sonic background to allow Marques Carson to display his songwriting, lyricism and energy.  Carson’s faith in himself, and most importantly, the man above, is hard not to witness on “Not By Sight.”  The project runs smoothly, giving the listener not only appealing records, but a spirit-enriching body of work, overall.

Energy and vibes are a key component to music, and Marques hits that nail on the head, consistently, on “Not By Sight.”  With adding another solid project into his catalog, 2019 looks to be a year in which he grabs the attention of even more listeners.  Music aside, it appears Marques Carson has leveled up, exponentially, in the faith department.  With great belief comes the energy to push through the toughest of challenges, and Mr. Carson let that energy shine bright with “Not By Sight.”

Below, you can listen to “Not By Sight,” via Apple Music and Spotify.  Also below, are his main socials so you can keep up to date with him, as well as his official SoundCloud.  With visuals for “Not By Sight” on the way, Marques Carson looks to keep the musical ball rolling throughout 2019 and beyond, interesting times, indeed.




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