A lot of artists, champion finances first, and the quality of their music second.  In the big picture, that can be detrimental to overall career prosperity.  There is an artist from Milwaukee, WI, who sees the value of balancing quality art with a yearn for fiscal freedom, his name, is PaperStacks. Getting to the music and getting to the money share equal importance, for Stacks, as indicated by his catalog, thus far.

With the release of his project, “Don’t Believe The Hype,” In 2017, PaperStacks set a precedent for himself, moving forward with his musical endeavors.  With 3 single releases, numerous live performances, including one at 2018 SXSW, PaperStacks pounded the pavement.  The hustle, in my opinion, supersedes the actual quality of music.  Talent is a dime a dozen, and without a formidable grind, your music falls on deaf ears.


PaperStacks got that memo loud and clear, not only cultivating a highly competent musical project, but getting it to the masses. Boots on the ground, equal ears to audio.  With the energy built from “Don’t Believe The Hype,”  PaperStacks continues to grow his brand and fanbase.  His upcoming project, entitled “A Lil Sum Sum” is a continuation of the grind, and artist growth.  With two single releases, already from that project, PaperStacks just hit us over the head with the 3rd single, entitled “Fried Chicken,” featuring Mo’ City and Phif Flow.

A record with great energy by all participants, as well mentioning a lot of people’s favorite food, fried chicken, PaperStacks has a hot record on his hands.  With the video for “Fried Chicken” being released March 8th, Stacks is loading up the grind cannons to push “A Lil Sum Sum” even harder than “Don’t Believe The Hype.”  With a format for creating great art, with a great grind, PaperStacks is certainly accruing musical dividends.


Below, you can check out the music video for a release off PaperStacks last studio effort, for the record “Star Of The Show,” on top of the full project via Spotify. After viewing “Star Of The Show,” you can listen and support Stacks’ most recent release, “Fried Chicken,” featuring Mo’ City and Phif Flow.

Stacking flows and stacking dough, it’s the PaperStack way.  Be on the watch for “A Lil Sum Sum” and the official video release for “Fried Chicken,” coming this March 8th, #YaDig.


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