In the great artistic discipline of music, we as music connoisseur get to enjoy and consume a diverse amount of different sounds.  A band from London, has not only found a way to blend various genres into their music, but at a level that creates a whole new listening experience; that band is Dishy Tangent.  Fusing Hip Hop, Rock, Folk, Jazz and other genres is a baseline description of Dishy Tangent.  The 5 piece ensemble, can also be described as “indie, poppy, infectious, and fun” as noted by photographer Marcus Jamieson-Pond, of JamPond Photography.

No matter how you slice it and dice it, Dishy Tangent is diverse.  Melodically, giving way for various vibes and feels, the groups 5 members all contribute an important aspect on making their music pop in the listeners ears. Members Reason, Sustainard, Sonic, Dr. Dish and Fitz all execute in their various disciplines to create a combined force that potently creates a fun all-around musical vibe.  With their creative soundscape at their disposal, the gang has been making noise all over the UK as of recent.




Supporting such great acts as The Darkness, The Beat, The Egg, The Outfit and Space; Dishy Tangent continues to entertain and evolve whilst covering major ground at various venues, spreading the infection that is their format of sound.  With the release of their latest studio effort, “Jumping On The Bandwagon,” in 2019, the band continues to pound the pavement to entertain and expand their hold on the UK music scene, and beyond.

With a diverse and original sound, I feel Dishy Tangent can certainly make great usage of their combined talents, to further spread their eclectic vibes all across the globe.

Below, you can listen to their latest album “Jumping On The Bandwagon.”  Also, you can view the official music video for their single “Monster,” from their last album “Timeless Music,” as well as a live performance of their song “Starting Anew,” from the same album.  As the band continues on a positive tangent, please watch out for new updates via the official band website and social media pages, also below.


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