Before the spoils of victory, come the long hours and restless nights of the grind.  In entertainment, and music, many do not hear about the daunting tales where artists have to pound the pavement in more ways than one, to have their voice heard.  An artist that is starting to see some of the fruits of his labor, via Milwaukee, WI, is PartyAt4.  Party identifies with the age-old adage of grinding till the wheels fall off.

Recently, PartyAt4 was at SXSW networking heavily, getting his music in the ears of many across the industry.  Garnering the attention of many within the game, notably music industry playmaker and manager to a few notable stars, Wack100; PartyAt4 is starting to see a lot of tangible evidence of the grind serving it’s purpose.

With the ability to flex on a track with unique wordplay, melodic harmony and witty song construction, PartyAt4 has a combination of musical tools that keep you guessing on what he will come up with next.  The element of surprise is an undervalued talent, in my opinion, when it comes to producing good music.


With his best foot forward with grind and caliber of music being made, PartyAt4 has the makings of a future superstar.  Proof of this theory, in the musical category, can be heard on his new single, “Patience.”  With whispers of a project dropping sooner than later, PartyAt4 will soon be the life of many people’s’ party.

Below, you can catch his single “Patience,” via Spotify.  As well as the chance to listen to “Patience,” follow his instagram for a unique look in to the happenings of PartyAt4, via images of his travels on the path to greatness, as well as content of him doing what he does best, music.  Music is the voice of the heart, and PartyAt4  will undoubtedly be powering our hearts for many moons to come.



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