Music, undoubtedly, is the driving force behind any respectable social gathering. The sonic background of an event can leave the attendee with a plethora of positive vibes,  ensuring their choice of attending certain functions was fruitful and enlightening. Many in the know, already know this statement, but the life of the party, more often than not, tends to be, the DJ.  The disc jockey, holds the ultimate key to insuring the life of the party is on the opposite end of comatose.

Two budding masters of the wheels of steel, known as The HomeReckers, are doing their part, and then some, to give nightlife-goers in Milwaukee, WI a memorable occasion wherever they spin.  Austin Mikula and Adam Mihojevich, have come together to form a dynamic dual threat DJ tandem, that has them seen all over Milwaukee, WI.  Providing the sonic landscape for various establishments, such as Plum Lounge, The Garage, Elmnt Lounge, and more.

Lead by their manager Ben Mihojevich, with stout assistance in the lighting department by Connor Schessler, The HomeReckers have the team to match the talent, on their audio invasion endeavors.  Besides their DJing residencies in Milwaukee, the group help spearhead an annual festival, known as Porchella.  Not allowing their busy schedule to hamper their growth in other aspects of the musical medium, the group have also released a project, entitled The Trashtape, which can be heard below.


The success that has been attained by The HomeReckers is no small feat, that can only be attained by consistency, continuous work, and most importantly, demand.  Being booked as an entertainer isn’t as easy as some may make it look, and it’s no coincidence that The HomeReckers are constantly cutting it up, all over Milwaukee and beyond.

Below, is a rough outlay of The HomeReckers residency schedule, as well as their audio effort, “The Trashtape.”  Make sure to click each individual venue name for more details on location and operating hours.  Be sure to check out the official Porchella Instagram page, as well, for more details on that event.

The vibes create the waves, and there is no question, that The HomeReckers, are captaining a musical vessel that will guide music lovers and nightlife goers, for many moons to come.


Listen To The HomeReckers-The Trashtape On Spotify


Catch The HomeReckers @ Plum Lounge On Monday’s

Catch The HomeReckers @ Brothers On Tuesday’s

Catch The HomeReckers @ Elmnt Lounge On Wednesday’s

Catch The HomeReckers @ Garage On Friday’s & Saturday’s

Catch The HomeReckers Monthly @ Site 1A & 720 

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