Artists paint, metaphorically and physically.  A creator uses life’s circumstances often times, to inspire themselves, good and bad.  The space an artist channels pleasure and pain from can be darker than 1,000 midnights, or brighter than the sun itself.  An artist in particular, who champions this mode of creation, and thensome, is Trashman Shunny.  Shunny uses his trials and tribulations as muses to flourish artistically, parlaying into unique soundscapes to infuse and peak the listener’s interest.

With early origins in Texas, to adventures in Seattle, Washington, back to where he calls home, Wisconsin, Trashman Shunny has lived a lifetime, in a short time. Experiencing life in various areas, gives way for him to have the ability to naturally pour out his soul without hindrance in his musical creations.

Building upon his last project “The Legend of Trashman Shunny,” Shunny’s latest studio effort, “BOB Lost,” features his ultimate alter-ego, BOB, which will further the legend that is Trashman Shunny. In a conceptual audio blender of pain-felt, as well as joy felt-music, Shunny continues to paint the only way he knows how, championing personal experience, to breed authenticity for better or worse.

With long-time friend, and collaborator Snowblower, masterminding the production side of “BOB Lost,” the project features continuity that all in all gets the message expressed, more efficiently, and thoroughly.  All plants don’t grow the same, and the ones who defeat the climates they are nurtured in, grow the strongest; Trashman Shunny is a stout case of this phenomena.

Below, you can catch his latest video “Time Well Spent” featuring his Hii Tribe brother in bars, King Myles. Also, his first release from “BOB Lost,” the track “Hold It Down,” is available via multiple outlets, for your listening pleasure.  “BOB Lost,” is officially releasing, this Friday, May 24th.  To celebrate it’s bestowing upon the public, Trashman Shunny is holding an official release party, this Friday, all the details for that can be via the flyer, below.

Only the fly can always vibe, and as Trashman Shunny traverses through this thing called life, the vibes continue to give way for a flight that is unearthly.


Listen To Trashman Shunny-Hold It Down (Prod. By Snowblower)



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