Yes yes, I am back, after over 2 weeks of no #SnackAttack action, the moves keep on groovin’, ya dig.  Unfortunately, I had to relocate, into a new, better #Fochshole, so that took some time up on my schedule, undoubtedly.  Upward and forward, as the saying goes.  In this new episode of #SnackAttack, I got a chance to sample some Old Dutch Arriba Nacho Cheese Flavored Tortilla Chips.

Another groovy snack journey, you definitely can say, each one of these snack reviews have been fun, I can say that much for sure.  Check out the review, below.  As always, you can peep the contact information and nutrition facts for this snack, below the review.

Remember…Listen. Laugh. Eat. Enjoy, Repeat! #TheFochshole

Official Old Dutch Website


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