What’s happening everyone?  #  time, once again, we are now up to 97 episodes!  In this episode of #SnackAttack I got a chance to sample some Oh Snap! Pickling Co. Hottie Bites Pickles.  It’s strange, but cool, I have reviewed a lot more pickles, than I imagined I would.  Be that the case, the grind continues, once episode 100 comes and goes, the beat will still go on, that much I can assure you.

If you are interested in finding these for yourself, or this snack’s nutrition facts, that information can be found, below the review.  Make sure to comment, like and subscribe, #TheFochshole continues you grow and move forward, ya smell me?

Remember…Listen. Laugh. Eat. Enjoy, Repeat! #TheFochshole



Oh Snap Pickling Co.’s Official Website


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