Hola amigos, what is the good word?  We have finally reached episode 100 of #SnackAttack.  In about 1.6 years, we have reviewed 100 snacks, crazy to think about, where does the time go?  I definitely, plan on upping the ante with #SnackAttack, it is all about providing more insight and entertainment, for the loyal supporters of #TheFochshole.

In this episode of #SnackAttack, a celebratory snack was reviewed, you could say.  The ONE Birthday Cake Flavored Protein Bar was on the docket, another joyous review, yes yes.  Check out the review, below.  Make sure to watch out for the 100 #SnackAttack episodes celebration video, coming later this week.  If you would like to acquire this snack for yourself, or be hip to it’s nutrition facts, that intel can be found, below the review.

Remember…Listen. Laugh. Eat. Enjoy, Repeat! #TheFochshole


ONE Bar’s Official Website


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