What’s the good word everyone?  The snack review saga continues, with a new episode of #SnackAttack. In this episode, I got a chance to sample some Old Dutch Ripples Appetizers On The Go BBQ Pulled Pork Wrap Potato Chips.  A long snack title, but it definitely matches the grooviness of said snack.  Check out the review below!

Also, the question for the video was this.  If you got a chance to get a hold of a big laser, what would you use it for, and why?  Comment below, I’m interested in hearing your response, ya dig.  As always, if you are interested in this snack’s nutrition facts, or where you can purchase it for yourself, that intel can be found, below the review.

Remember…Listen. Laugh. Eat. Enjoy. Repeat! #TheFochshole



Old Dutch’s Official Website



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