What’s the good word everyone?  I hope everyone, is doing well.  It has been quite some time, since I dropped an episode of #Fochservations.  What is a Fochservation you ask?  Well, it is an observation, made by me, BFochs.  Some of these observations, will be comical in nature, or very serious, but even those, will have some comedic value.

I find it’s best to infuse humor in any scenario, I know some situations call for no humor what so ever, and I have experience with those, more than I’d like to have, but such is life.  Either way, here goes this week’s #Fochservation, where I tackle the composition and ingredients, of Elmer’s Glue, check it out!

Remember to…Listen. Laugh. Eat. Enjoy. Repeat! #TheFochshole


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